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26. April 2018

Smart Service Canvas

By Jens Pöppelbuß and Carolin Durst The connection of physical objects and cyber things through a wireless network provides us with immediate access to information about […]
4. April 2018
Illustration of the different facets affecting digitization

Successfully shaping Digital Transformation

By Andreas Rusnjak The digitalization of data and processes combined with delivery of excellent customer benefit along with digitized information and communication architecture will be an […]
22. February 2018
Image of the different players in the innovation management process 

Who should be Part of my Innovation Community?

By Carolin Durst Strategic innovation management aims at identifying opportunities and risks at an early stage in order to prepare the company for the future. Therefore, […]
20. February 2018
Read and download our whitepaper about trends, weak signals and hypes!

Understand Trends, Identify Strategic Fields of Innovation and Create something entirely New

By Carolin Durst, Michael Durst, and Matthias Saffer Change is the new normal. Evolving markets, new demands, standards, and values, as well as ever shorter product […]
15. January 2018
Teaser Blogpost Digital Bank

The Digital Bank – How to make Business Models fit for the Future

“Banking is necessary, banks are not”. This clear statement was made by Bill Gates as early as in 1994. What sounded provocative back then has become […]
4. January 2018
Image of a trend radar tag cloud

How ITONICS’ Customers practice Trend and Technology Management

Having a good instinct for new trends can be worth a fortune for companies. Who wouldn’t have wanted to be the originator of the idea for […]
2. January 2018
Teaser blog post trend management in practice

Shaping Change – Trend Management in Practice

A study on the relevance and state of the art of trend management in corporations   In times of ever shorter product lifecycles and rapid technological […]
12. December 2017
Teaser blog post ISO 50501 to foster innovations

New ISO 50501 to foster Innovations

Germans, in particular, are used to having everything certified, tested, sealed, and verified, from the smoothie purchased at the supermarket to the sports shoes and all […]
13. October 2017

Squirrel, Tinkerer or Fox – Which security type are you?

Vacation time is burglary time – so far, so bad. That’s why, for most of us, being one step ahead of the burglars and securing our […]
4. September 2017
Illustration of different and worldwide influencing factors on trends

Innovation Management meets Crowdsourcing

“ (…) the world is becoming too fast, too complex and too networked for any company to have all the answers inside.” – Yochai Benkler, professor […]
4. May 2017
Frame of the software ITONICS Ideation shows some people sitting around a table collecting some ideas

Why Trends, Technologies and Inspirations matter in Innovation

Whenever I talk to clients about innovation and innovation management, the so called Innovation Funnel shows up on the projector. It basically says that you simply […]
29. March 2017
Image for blog post Weak Signals, Hype and Trends

Check out our new whitepaper “Weak Signals, Hypes or Trends – Identify Innovation Opportunities and stay ahead of your Game”

Weak signals, hypes or trends – countless concepts are buzzing around in the innovation universe. We put some order in this jumble of terms! Our new […]
3. January 2017
Illustration about the different fields influencing a new trend

Trend Management in Practice Study 2016

Digitization, Internet of Things, Robotics or New Currencies – How do you prepare for change? Our study “Shaping Change – Trend Management in Practice” provides insights […]
28. June 2016
Start image of the blog post Digitize a Business

6 Steps to Digitize a Business

By Mike Durst More and more execs that I talk to are worried about the speed of digitization. Within a couple of years startups like Airbnb, […]
2. June 2015
Screenshot ITONICS Ideation software tool

Innovation = Ideation? We do not think so…

Whenever we talk to potential clients about innovation and innovation management, the so called Innovation Funnel shows up on the projector. It basically says that you […]
13. March 2013
Frame of the software ITONICS Foresight illustrating a workplace where trends and foresight are essential

Paper Abstract: Designing a Collaborative Strategic Foresight System

We have submitted a paper on “Designing a Collaborative Strategic Foresight System” together with our partners University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and the Bundeswehr. Here comes the abstract: Companies […]
25. February 2013
Image within the blog post Global Risks Report 2013 and Supply Chain Risks Report

Global Risks Report 2013 and Supply Chain Risks Report

The World Economic Forum has recently published two reports: Building Resilience in Supply Chains Global Risks 2013 – Eighth Edition We are very proud that our […]