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30. März 2010
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5. April 2013

Paper Abstract: Entwerfen eines kollaborativen strategischen Foresight Systems

We have submitted a paper on “Designing a Collaborative Strategic Foresight System” together with our partners University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and the Bundeswehr. Here comes the abstract:

Companies increasingly face a dynamic environment, where unexpected change is the norm rather than the exception. Strategic foresight comprises different methods to foresee possible future events. Unexpected change implies varying degrees of risks and opportunities to companies. For any predictive system the quality of prediction improves when knowledge and creativity of individuals with a diverse background of experience and knowledge are aggregated. Knowledge, however, frequently forms the basis of competitive advantage and as a result it is rarely shared among companies.
Given that IT systems will be an important enabler for foresight capabilities and will gain in importance in coming years, this research designs a foresight system to support cross-department and cross-company knowledge-sharing and to enable collaborative strategic foresight, while at the same time taking security and productivity issues into account. Following a design science research methodology, we develop, design and implement this system as a prototype for the German Federal Armed Forces.
Our strategic foresight system, we found, allows experts and stakeholders to collaborate through an entire foresight process and supports future-oriented decision-making.


  • Investigating the barriers for collaboration in strategic foresight
  • Providing an overview of current foresight systems, their benefits and their drawbacks
  • Presenting the development of a collaborative strategic foresight system for the German Federal Armed Forces