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ITONICS Insights - Research and Content for your Innovation Management

We offer various services and products to bring your innovation management alive

ITONICS Insights Products & Services



Your big data solution for automated trend and technology identification and analysis


Webclipper - browser plugin

Save information about new technologies, trends or competitors you come across quick and easy using our browser plugin


Database interfaces

We provide numerous interfaces to trend, patent and technology database providers

ITONICS Inspirator

Your mobile app for collecting and linking inspirations to your trend and ideation process


Import of existing data

We offer a variety of possibilities to import existing data from your internal databases with regard to trends, ideas, technologies, etc.


Content Plans

Our industry and topic-related research teams dive deep into your challenges


You can use ITONICS Scout to carry out automated environmental scanning. This product is query-based and accesses patent and technology databases as well as scientific publications. Further relevant databases or RSS feeds and websites can be connected via standardized interfaces. You can discover and monitor new trends and technologies using ITONICS Scout. It allows technology field experts, for example, to release up-to-date reports on specific queries (data queries) on a weekly basis. The gathered information from the automated environmental scanning is stored in a structured manner within ITONICS Radar.

ITONICS Inspirator

Collect spontaneous ideas, market observations, competition activities and inputs from exhibitions or industry events quickly on the go. The goal of this mobile app is to link inspirations to the trend and ideation process.

Webclipper - browser plugin

We offer numerous options for identifying trends, inspirations and technologies and processing them further using IT tools. You stumble upon a web page with an exciting product of a competitor? Using our browser plugin Webclipper, you save information about new technologies, trends or competitors you come across directly in ITONICS Radar.

Trend Databases and Content Plans

We offer customized content for trend scouting, environment scanning and the identification of innovation insights. The resulting content plans provide targeted and tailored trend analysis, actionable insight and inspiration content. Each content plan is designed and configured for specific industries, across regions and market segments according to your specifications.

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