ITONICS Scout Features

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Instant insights from Big Data

The Big Data engine offers instant access to huge amounts of data and advanced analytics

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Term cloud

Discover upcoming and important terms within documents and identify related topics

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Connect favorite data sources

Connection to any public and private data source like OPS, Thomson Innovation, Questel-Orbit or Scopus, SciFinder

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Search results are connected to ITONICS Radar

Search results can be instantly attached to technology profiles within the ITONICS Radar
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Joint technology and trend scouting

Collaboration between research groups, IP teams and subject matter experts

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Query portfolio and alerts

Define, store and run unlimited searches and queries to keep an eye on various topics

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Strong research workflow integration

ITONICS Scout adapts to the individual research process of each client

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Search patents, scientific publications, blogs and websites

ITONICS Scout aggregates information from all different kind of sources and formats in a common workspace to gather the most important and specific content

Deep Dive into emerging Tech and Trends within Seconds

Scan, monitor and analyze your business environment in an automated manner: patents, publications, websites and documents of any kind


  • How to inform R&D decision makers about trends, technologies and their significance on a daily basis in a transparent and targeted manner?
  • How to automate time-consuming manual research work with regard to patent analysis?
  • How to increase the quality of research in trend and technology scouting?
  • How to use Big Data methods to analyze your business environment?
  • How to establish a central knowledge base for data coming from different sources and in different formats?


All of these tasks (and a lot more) are addressed by our unique online solution ITONICS Scout!

ITONICS Scout identifies and analyzes opportunities and risks of emerging technologies and trends in a continuous and automated manner. Our Big Data engine can access a huge variety of different data sources, such as patent databases, RSS feeds, websites, and scientific publications. Automated routines and intelligent algorithms consolidate relevant content for defined target groups in real-time. The scanning results are transferred to the respective technology or trend management system right away for further processing. Thus, strategic decisions are based on sound technology and trend information and prepare the company for an innovative future.

Instant insights from Big Data

ITONICS Scout processes large amounts of data in trend and technology management. Therefore, the system needs access to the Internet and to all required databases and datasets. Datasets of various formats can be integrated into ITONICS Scout, too. To get an instant and comprehensive overview of the results, ITONICS Scout provides a variety of analysis and visualization capabilities. The hierarchical cluster analysis recognizes predominant topics throughout the analyzed data, for instance.



Joint technology and trend scouting

ITONICS Scout enables the collaborative collection and processing of information to monitor developments and trends. Configurable workflows and user rights, review mechanisms and visualizations allow the adaptation to individual customer requirements. In order to identify relevant project-specific sources and topics, project members can also customize their search within dedicated data sources like patents, supplier or specific research areas. Results can be filtered and analyzed again.

Term Cloud

The term cloud uses the same visualization logic like the tag cloud. It provides an intuitive visualization and navigation option based on the analyzed data. The size of each term reflects the relative relevance of the term within the data set. By clicking on a term, all related terms show up. Thus, the term cloud fosters a deeper analysis of the documents based on the most relevant terms and their linkage to other terms. For further research, the respective documents are directly displayed below the term cloud.



Query portfolio and alerts

The query portfolio of ITONICS Scout enables automated search in internal and external, multiple open Internet data sources and protected ones. The information is structured and stored on a central platform. E-mail notifications about new search results and the possibility of sharing and transferring results to other processes increase the productivity of those environmental scanning activities. Queries can be stored and shared with other users. Once a search query is activated, ITONICS Scout searches through all connected sources continuously and in real-time.

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  • Using a collaborative platform, we were able to implement the Innovate Everywhere Challenge as an integral part of our innovation management and engage a world-wide community to team up and innovate together. We achieved a Cisco-wide cultural change and created an interconnected network of innovators.

    Alex Goryachev, Director of Innovation Strategy
  • Cisco operates in a world of increasing market volatility and globalization. With the Technology Radar we found a solution to effectively and efficiently manage novel technologies to maintain and enhance our competitive position.

    Sylvain Baron, Corporate Strategic Innovation
  • Cisco Technology Radar is a technology foresight methodology and publication aiming at early identifying and tracking novel technologies and trends emerging outside of Cisco.

    Sylvain Baron, Corporate Strategic Innovation
  • The decisive factor for the success of our project was ITONICS’ expertise in trend management. We were not just looking for a software partner, but for someone who is familiar with the topic and who we can trust.

    Head of Innovation Management
    German Dairy Company
  • Within the regional excellence and innovation network “Intelligent Technological Systems OstWestfalenLippe” – oftentimes shortened to “it's OWL” - over 180 companies, universities and other partners collaborate on the latest tech and business models in IoT. 180 partners, 1 collaboration solution: Thanks to the ITONICS platform we can pool our knowledge, jointly analyze trends and technologies and derive future scenarios.

    Leader Foresight Strategy and Innovation
  • To avoid having our Excel-based roadmaps as isolated planning tools, we were looking for a collaborative and integrated online solution that could map our processes and logic in technology management. ITONICS Roadmap enables us to combine individual roadmaps into a holistic picture, promotes the communication between the product and technology owners and managers and helps to identify synergies and gaps in our technology planning.

    Manager Corporate Technology
    Global Automotive Supplier
  • Previously our business units had created and maintained individual technology roadmaps to structure and plan their portfolios. With ITONICS Roadmap we have not only introduced a collaborative online solution, but also a holistic methodology. It allows us, through an aggregated view of our technology management, to identify gaps in technology and product development and address new requirements early.

    Manager Technology and Innovation Management
    Global Cabling Company
  • With ITONICS Scout our inventors have a very valuable research tool at hand: the inventor can search various data sources for patents and publications in real time, and quickly dive deep into the patent and publication space by using automated scans. With this data, we can decide whether the application for a patent may be lucrative in a fast and intuitive manner.

    Manager Technology and Innovation Management
    Global Cabling Company
  • We successfully leverage trends to develop strategic growth areas. With ITONICS we now have an online platform in which our methodology is reflected and on which we can integrate co-workers in the Front End Innovation activities worldwide. For us, this is the consequent digitization of trend and technology management!

    Director Corporate Strategy
    Global Engineering Company
  • We deeply observe and evaluate trends, new technologies, startups and new products and solutions in FinTech as the basis of our innovation activities. To professionalize and institutionalize these activities we rolled-out ITONICS as an intuitive, collaborative, and web-based tool. Our colleagues love the visualizations, especially the trend radar, and the roll-out went smoothly!

    Director Innovation and Digitization
    European Banking Group
  • With ITONICS we managed to bring consistency, transparency and sustainability into our innovation management processes. Moreover ITONICS connects our employees worldwide as a comprehensive information and knowledge base on innovation, thus increasing our innovation potential enormously. In our view, ITONICS is the only provider who can provide a truly integrated innovation process from environmental scanning through innovation roadmapping in a consistent and holistic manner.

    Manager Technology and Innovation Management
    Global Cabling Company
  • Fast and measurable results tailored to our international organization were our basic expectations of an integrated innovation methodology and toolset. The trend-based approach, including a web-based collaboration platform by ITONICS allows us to capture and evaluate trends, inspirations and technologies, to derive fields of action and to ideate and innovate on a global level. Since we started in early 2016, we have already captured over 1,000 inspirations and ideas and have taken the first steps towards the implementation of innovative product and service concepts.

    Head of Innovation Research
    Multinational DIY Retailing Company
  • While looking for new ideas and concepts for our annual Innovation Days, the trend-based approach by ITONICS convinced us. During a 3-day event with several workshop sessions more than 300 international colleagues analyzed selected trends and future technologies, identified areas for innovation and growth and created over 20 product and service concepts. These results are essential for our future business. ITONICS has done a great job in preparing, facilitating and processing this fantastic event!

    Technical Director
    Global Polymer Company
  • The topic of our annual Merchant Conference in 2015 was "Innovation." ITONICS was our partner and facilitator for three days of intensive workshop sessions, speeches and presentations. Everything from the preparation of the event and moderation (scouting and visualization of inspirations, trends, technologies and personas, agenda setting, templates etc.) to the follow-up and documentation. The more than 140 participants were enthusiastic! About 50 specific products, services and business models have emerged in the teams. A great success!

    Head of Innovation Research
    Multinational DIY Retailing Company
  • With ITONICS, we have found a partner who was able to reflect our sophisticated innovation methodology in an intuitive and integrated online platform. Trends and technologies are linked to use cases in a holistic platform for innovation and shared across the company. The added value is tangible: Many innovative concepts are currently already in the PoC or realization phase!

    Leader Innovation
    Food Retailer

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