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Software-supported STARTUP SCOUTING

How to successfully implement a Startup Scouting Process on the basis of ITONICS Startup RADAR

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Software-Supported Startup Scouting

Identify, evaluate, discuss and monitor your startup ecosystem with ITONICS Startup Radar

Startups have generated a lot of noise lately. All industries should care about these new startups because in one way or another, they will inevitably affect the way that we all do business. Here are three reasons why you should monitor your startup ecosystem:

#1: Be prepared

Startup monitoring drives your competitive advantage by identifying cutting-edge startups and technologies at the forefront of digitalization and disruption. Who or what could disrupt your business? Which innovative technologies are at their tipping point and ready to deliver real business value? Knowing the answers to these questions helps you to adjust your strategy and be prepared for the future.

#2: Partnership and Investment Opportunities

Though many startups have the potential to disrupt your industry by delivering a completely new value to your customers or serving customer needs in a different way, there are more opportunities for partnering with and investing in startups. By collaborating with these new businesses, you can improve your business while taking advantage of access to the innovative tools, competencies and workarounds created by startups.

#3: Stimulate your own Innovations

Oftentimes, startups take up a customer-centric perspective. Understanding why certain startups are successful and how they are serving their customers can greatly stimulate your own innovation process. Other newcomers experiment with new technologies, e.g. artificial intelligence, robots or cryptocurrencies, and come up with completely new ways of delivering business value. Understanding these insights can add magic to your own innovation activities.

The Solution

ITONICS Startup Radar to understand your startup ecosystem

Features ITONICS Startup Radar


Startup scouting and monitoring

Automated scouting and collaborative monitoring
of startups on one platform


Startup ecosystem analysis

Use case specific analysis and visualization of your startup ecosystem

Discover innovation opportunities

Connecting startups with innovation activities, trends and technologies to discover innovation opportunities


Portfolio management

Making decisions about the right investment mix and matching investments to innovation objectives

Webinar: Startup Scouting

How to successfully implement a Startup Scouting Process on the basis of ITONICS Startup RADAR

The market environment for many industries has changed massively in all areas of value creation as a result of the startup boom in recent years. The newcomers experiment with new technologies and come up with completely new ways of delivering business value. But how do you learn as a big company from the small ones and manage new trends and cutting-edge technologies that create competitive advantage? In a webinar, we want to show you how to keep track of your startup ecosystem and the most relevant and active players in there.

What you will walk away with
  • What is startup scouting and why should your company start doing it?
  • How can you successfully implement a startup scouting process?
  • How can ITONICS Startup Radar help you to do software-based startup scouting?


Mike Durst

Dr. Michael Durst

Mike is the founder, visionary and chief executive officer of ITONICS. ITONICS benefits from his extensive experience in the areas of innovation and strategic management, R&D management, business modeling, IT strategy, enterprise architecture, and his comprehensive industry expertise. He is one of the leading experts on strategic innovation management and a frequent speaker at international conferences.



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